This page is for pictures and writings about the Levis Family
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John and Dorothy Munroe
John and Dorothy Munroe
Alfred Conrow Levis
Alfred Conrow Levis
Alfred and Irene LevisAlfred and Irene Irene Crook Levis
Irene Crook Levis
Gradmother Crook and Irene
Irene, Grace and Mother Crook
Katheryne Irene Crook Levis
Katheryne Irene Crook
Twin Marriages

Twin Marriages

AC Levis
Alfred Conrow Levis
Golden Colorado

Crab Alley Creek Pier
Crab Alley Creek
H. E. Crook and Company Barge
Launch of Barge
Kent Island Life
Alfred Grace Irene P&K
Alfred, Grace and Irene Levis
Alfred Grace and Irene
Levis Motors before the depression struck.
Levis Motors, Baltimore
A.C. Levis at Colorado School of Mines
Alfred at the Colorado School of Mines
Dot and Katch graduate from Univ. N.C.
Katch and Do
Kathy  Peter and Grace Schwartz
Kathy Grace and Peter
Munroe-Levis Recipes

Levis Decendents

Grace Schwartz
Katheryne McCormick
Dorothy Munroe

Kapa Sigma Nut Squak Colorado School of Mines 1915
Alfred and the Kapa Sigma Nut Squad Colorado
Grace Levis Schwartz
Grace Levis Schwartz
DLM and KLM wedding announcements
DLM and KLM wedding
  Cmdr. Frank D. Swartz
Cmdr. Frank D. Schwartz
relieves Cmdr Harry  Smith

Caulks vacation home in Round Bay, MD
Caulks on Round Bay
Katheryn Levis McCormick
Katheryne Levis McCormick
Colorado horseback shooting. Alfred?
Alfred? Colorado horseback

 The Twins - Early Years