From A Wet Pen
                     by Nels J'Anthony  1971

                        December Shores
you'll find us walking along the way
above the boardwalk where flies a gull
on winter shores the cold sands will lay
till skies do shine not so gray and dull
escape to where there is no one found
and vacant huts wait for sunny days
the old, the young are now southward bound
wise sea and you can converse your ways
amidst abandoned old beer cans, sings
the master beat of foamed crashing waves
they prove that nature is still the king
despite the shouts of machines far away

     Cherry Pie
I like to lay
and read my Freud
while eating cherry pie
I'd like to say
that I've enjoyed
Your lovely cherry pie
so warm and wet
so hot and tart
the after-taste was fine
and when you let
me in your heart,
your cherry pie was mine.