This is a page for pictures of the condominium that Mom and Dad are buying.

Stony Batter Condo entrance  Mail boxes in entrance
Here is the entrance and here is where you should send your mail. Visitor parking is directly
in front of the entrance. Resident parking is below with an elevator to the first floor.

Elevator from parking area    Main Kitchen work area
The elevator entrance is only about 25 feet from their apartment door. The kitchen is small
but seems well arranged. There is a huge pantry and the washer and dryer is next to the pantry.

More kitchen   Shelves in living room
This is the other kitchen counters and sink. You can see the entrance hall in the background of the picture. The next
shot is a corner of the living room. The window opens to the back where the grade makes it a second story apartment.
These bookshelves and cabinets reminded me of the custom shelves on Cheltenham road made by Mr. Bandak.

 Full living room    Master Bedroom
I think that this living room is larger than it seems. It is a huge expanse and even opens onto the rear deck as does the master bed room. The master
bed room has a walk in closet, a private bath as well as the entrance into the utility room. This picture just shows one end of the room.

Spare Bed room    More master bed room
This is the spare bed room which will also serve as a study. The picture on the right is another view of the master
bed room showing the area where the entrance to the private bath and the door to the walk in closet are.

Den    Back Deck
The first photo is the den or family room. It is right off of the kitchen and the breakfast area. The breakfast area is
not shown in any of these photos.  In the picture to the right of the den, you can see mom standing on the rear deck.
The rear deck is accessible from the living room through the door directly behind mom, in the picture. The entrance
to the master beed room is through the sliding glass doors off to the side of mom.

Front of condominium   View from deck
The Stony Batter Condominiums are off of Limestone Road just north of Newark out Papermill Road. It is a pretty area with lots
of woodland. The development adjacent to the  condos seems like it would be quite safe for bicycle riding. 

Ruth Lane Cape Cod   Old Newark Photo
Of course, if it is summer and it is too hot and sticky in the Newark suburbs, there is always Cape Cod. This is the house on
Ruth Lane in Harwich where we all meet in the summer.  The other picture is an old shot of 148 South College Avenue adjacent
to the campus of the University of Delaware.