Standing by the mast with seabag
The Varde was started in Dave's backyard in Nottingham Green in Newark. Most of the fitting out was done on the Carrien's farm from concrete, welded steel and salvaged wood and marine fittings. It took nearly 10 years.  Gene ?'s uninsured truck carried the Varde to Skipjack Cove where Charlotte christened it.  The mast was set at McDaniels boat yard across the Sasafrass river.  Dave crossed the Atlantic twice and then sailed the Varde in the San Juan islands off Washington state. Many happy weekends were spent working on the Varde with David.
Drying Laundry in Medeira

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David H. Doehlert June 21, 1929 to March 1999.  Dave always questioned authority and trusted in intuition and his heart. Dave was an engineer, a statistician, a sailor, an environmentalist, an activist, a teacher and a friend.
 In his own voice
David H. Doehlert

Relaxing on Deck
Varde at Dock
David H. Doehlert
Red Sails off Turkey Point
Varde's Main Cabin
Julie Relaxing on deck
Moving the Varde
Varde Sailing Around Me
Beautiful Varde Cabin
Dave Relaxing on Deck
Mike at Mast Top
The Varde's Galley is well equiped
Charlotte Christy christens Varde
Varde in Portugal
Turning Hull Nottingham Green
Reading in Main Cabin
Michael Halfway up Varde's Mast
Varde's Bow Spray
Varde's Foredeck
Mike and Dave Talking
Lunch in St Martin