Robert F. Wieland 1948 to 2003
Tribute to Bob
Updated 10/22/2006
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Bob Weiland
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Bob Weiland
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On Sunday, November 2, 2003 we lost our good friend Bob Wieland to lymphoma. His illness was so brief that many of his friends were unaware that he was even ill. The funeral service filled the New Ark UCC sancuary to overflowing with wonderful rememberances, music, friends and family.  Beverly  read a touching eulogy and David and Cindy sang a striking rendition of Amazing Grace. At Bob's request  "Don't Let Me Come Home a Stranger" was played. It was a beautiful service and truly captured the uniquely generous spirit who was devoted to his wife, his family, his many friends and his community. Bob's wry humor, love of folk music, wealth of knowledge and warm accepting friendship will be missed by us all. The many reminders of his generosity and love will remain.  Writings below:
Drains Humor Stoves  Rust  Knives  Explosives  Binoculars
Bride Groom and Parents
College Graduation